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Happy Healthy People is Raquel and Tom Oelze and this is why we do what we do.



"Nutrition was always important to me but it wasn't until I started developing joint pain that I took it seriously.  I refused to accept that I was getting older and that this was an acceptable circumstance that came with it.  I sure as heck didn't want to look forward to surgeries or knee and hip replacements.  So when I found these products and they worked to eliminate my joint pain altogether, I knew I just had to help others in my situation."


"If it is said that we are the first generation not to outlive our parents then that would be my generation.  I became an insulin-dependant diabetic at age 30 not knowing how this happened.  I was active and not overweight.  So when Raquel finally found the products years later, I learned that conditions like this and many others are due to the lack of minerals in the soil and how dreadfully under-nutrified we are.  Thank God she found them.  Now it is my duty to help her help others get the help they want and need for their problem."

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