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Gluten Free Peach Cobbler (Dump Cake) | Gluten Free Desserts | 12 Bad Foods Series (2020)

Today we’re making a gluten free peach cobbler also called a dump cake!

You know, part of healing yourself naturally means avoiding dishes with gluten due to the damage it does to our digestive system over time. And desserts are one of the hardest things to give up since most desserts have wheat flour in them.

So here’s a dessert that has no gluten and still manages to taste great. And there’s no mixer, no spatulas, no bowls, no mess and no clean up needed! Here’s what you will need:

Two jars of Sliced Peaches in juice.

A box of Gluten Free yellow cake mix.

Approximately 2 sticks of butter.

And a 13X9 pan to dump it all in.

Now a lot of recipes I’ve seen call for using canned peaches in a heavy syrup. Here’s why we don’t recommend using that if you can help it. Sliced peaches generally come canned in heavy syrup. The syrup is made of both corn syrup AND high fructose corn syrup along with sugar. Aside from that being a lot of sugar, the corn used to make the corn syrups are genetically modified which means that the crops are sprayed with Round Up weed killer. And Round-Up is known to be cancer causing.

I used this Dole brand of Sliced Peaches in 100% juice and it even says NON-GMO on the bottle. Remember, Corn and Soy are 2 of the 12 Bad Foods to avoid so leave them out whenever you can.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

In your 13X9 pan, take both jars of peaches and “dump” them both into the pan. Since it is juice, you may want to remove some of it to keep the cake from being too wet. I usually remove a quarter cup.

Next, open the gluten-free cake mix and dump it on top of the peaches spreading it out evenly.

Last, slice the butter in thin slices and layer it on top of the cake mix.

Put the cake in the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 1 hour. After an hour, test for doneness.

It should be golden brown and may even be bubbling a little. Let it cool a bit and serve. We like ours warm with vanilla ice cream.

And there you have it. A delicious gluten free peach cobbler with very few ingredients and a simple recipe. And the best thing is you can make it with any fruit filling you want. There are many canned fruit fillings available without any corn syrup to make your cobbler dump cakes healthy and delicious. Enjoy!

Based on the 12 Bad Foods by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden

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