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How To Make Chile Verde with Pork | Without the 12 Bad Foods

Mexican Food is one of the hardest foods to give up (next to Italian). I know. I am a full-blood Latina. And Tom? Tom could live on Mexican food everyday for the rest of his life. Just about everybody loves Mexican Food!

We all know what goes in Mexican food. Whether it's the gluten in the flour tortillas or the GMO corn that goes in the corn tortillas or using oil to cook everything, we are ripe for our bodies breaking down.

So here's how to make Chile Verde with Pork without the 12 Bad Foods in it. This recipe has no gluten, no oil, nothing fried and is very delicious! Here's the instructions:

For the Salsa:

1 can of whole green chiles

5-6 tomatillos

Any type of chile. You can use serrano, jalapeño, Anaheim or whichever you choose.

1/4th of a large onion

Salt and Pepper

1 small can of whole peeled tomatoes.

First remove the husks of the tomatillos, then wash and rinse the veggies.

Now add them to a pot with approximately 2 cups of water and bring to a boil.

Once the veggies are thoroughly cooked, drain the pot and place the veggies in a blender. Blend the veggies for a few minutes and then add the canned tomatoes and blend some more.

Taste and add salt and pepper if desired.

If it tastes to your liking then just set it aside for later.

For the Chile Verde you are going to need:

A 3 lb. pork roast or pork butt or similar cut into large pieces.

1 can of whole green chiles

1 small can or box of natural tomato sauce

1 large onion cubed 3-5 large garlic cloves and salt and pepper to taste.

First bring a pot of water to a boil and then add the salt, meat and veggies.

Now, lower the heat to a medium boil and remove foam along the way.

Next add the pepper and then lower the temperature to medium heat or a low boil.

Stir occasionally and allow the pot to boil on low until the water disappears, approx 4-5 hours.

After the water disappears, add the salsa from earlier and stir lightly.

Stir lightly so as not to break up the meat pieces too much.

Next, add the tomato sauce and continue to stir lightly.

Last, take the canned whole chiles and cut the chiles into strips then add to the pot.

Allow all the ingredients to simmer together for another 20 minutes and that’s it, it’s ready to serve.


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