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How To Make Frijoles (Beans) Without the 12 Bad Foods

If eating correctly is one of the keys to healing ourselves, well, what does that look like? We can talk all day about what foods to avoid and how the 12 Bad Foods are this or that but how do we apply this without giving up the foods that we love?

Well, this is the first video we did of many to come to show you how to continue eating the foods you love without any of the bad ingredients.

This is a simple frijoles recipe I got from a cousin of mine. It's not refried beans but if you make it right, it has the consistancy of refried beans. Very simple recipe and we make this once a week at my house.

Here's how to make it. You'll need:

1lb. of Pinto Beans

A package of Uncured or Nitrate Free Bacon



1. Clean and Wash the beans well

2. Cut 8 strips of the Nitrate Free Bacon into thirds

3. Bring a pot of Water to a boil and add Salt

4. Add the beans and bacon to the boiling water

5.Cook on Medium Heat for 3 hours

6. Check frequently, stir and add water if needed and adjust heat if necessary. Water should be a low to medium simmer,

7. After 3 hours, simmer on low.

8. Test for salt and water level, stir and keep watch

9. After a total of 6 hours, stir one last time then remove from heat. They will be done.

10. Your frijoles should have a similar taste and texture to refried beans and will not have any of the inflammatory oil or cancer-causing nitrosamine from the cured bacon.


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