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What the Heck is a Free Radical? | Another Simple Explanation

So what the heck are these "free radicals" that we are supposed to avoid? I kept hearing about it on things like cereal boxes and vitamin products. Slogans like "prevents free radical damage" or "fights oxidation" and things like that. Maybe you have seen that on a lot of products too?

Well, a free radical is not a bunch of 1960's hippies but they are created when oxidative substances enter the body. And that isn't always a good thing.

Another bit of jargon is the term "oxidation" which I had always glossed over. All I knew was that if a product said it was an "antioxidant", well then "great, put it in the basket!" I didn't know what an oxidant was and I didn't care. All I knew was, I didn't want it. How many of you are the same way?

So now we have two more bits of jargon in our quest to heal ourselves and another video to explain what they mean. Check out the video. I know you will find it interesting.

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